Sunday, July 01, 2007

What's up with Gannett's Information Center initiative?

What's the story with the Gannett Information Center initiative that was launched with such fanfare late last year?

Somebody asked me about it last week on our Midwest trip (Wichita, Kansas City and Belleville) and I realized that I didn't know. 

Gannett has moved swiftly to embrace the online imperative. I
 give them credit for adopting the Ready-Fire-Aim methods we've talked a lot about here and moving forward. There were also concerns at the time about news staffers being asked to participate in sales, about trivializing reporting efforts by focusing disproportionate attention on online subjects regardless of news value, and the like.

So what do you hear about life at Gannett newsrooms nowadays? If anybody has read or heard interesting news, can you share the links or anecdotes here? 

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  1. Check out this story from E&P online datelined July 1.

  2. It looks like the URL in Gary's comment was cut off. Try this link for "SPECIAL REPORT: Inside Gannett's 'Information Centers.'"