Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stop sending email

To introduce you all to this blog, I set up an email rule that forwards to you all the notifications I get whenever anybody posts a comment here. (That's why any message with the words "Etaoin Shrdlu" in the subject line got forwarded to all of you; sorry, Dan.)

On the theory that folks who are interested will now be checking in here from time to time on their own, I'm going to turn that feature off. If any of you wish to continue receiving notices, send me an email at and I can make a list based on individual names, rather than groups (like mcc managing editors, etc).


1 comment:

  1. I think we run into all the same problems when trying to push these stories forward, which is one of the goals we've set for the Star Tribune in its remake. As a rule, wire stories have yet to adopt this notion in any significant way. Even having established this as a goal, we're constantly fighting the temptation to fashion stories around the strongest event in the news, which tends to lead the piece back to the original thrust.

    But as we've made some progress on this, I've noticed an interesting thing. Readers are seem to be appreciative of this push, and I've yet to receive a complaint from anyone outside the building.

    One byproduct has been that it can be harder to give the front page a hard-news feel when you're sometimes substituting a forward-looking lede for the news summary. One of the complaints about this paper's remake has been it's less newsy. Again, though, that's a complaint that seems to come more often from within the building than from out.