Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A toe in the water of cell phone distribution

I'm back for more shameless promotion. The Twins are in the playoffs, lost yesterday and are losing in game two in the top of the 9th as I write this. So, time is of the essence.

Yesterday we rolled out live cell phone game updates. This is just one example of important alternate ways of delivering what we do best. We hope it will make us more relevant and more fun. After less than a day we have about 500 folks signed up and expect that number to grow rapidly as the word gets out.

We'll also be doing breaking news updates and have already begun a cell phone text service to deliver relevant jobs notices to job seekers.You can go to and you'll find a link from our Twins coverage to sign up. Or you can go directly to the log in page to try it for yourself.

All you have to do is type in your cell phone number, choose your "update" and click "register." You'll quickly receive a text message on your cell phone with a code to confirm your choice.

Type that code into the box on the registration page and, viola, you'll start receiving live game updates. Now, no matter what boring meeting you're trapped in, you'll be on top of the game action!

I'd be very interested in your feedback. Once again, we recognize that we have much to learn.


  1. Ken,

    Congratulations -- this is a great leap. Is this technology that can be used by other McClatchy papers on the publishing system? Melanie

  2. The way Oakland is playing, the Twins fans better sign up right away.

    Seriously, Ken, this is huge. We all want it ....


  3. Melanie, Howard,
    Sorry for the delayed response. I don't get a chance to visit the blog everyday.

    We're using a vendor called NetInformer. And, yes, anyone can purchase it. I believe (Eric, chime in here) that we did a deal that included ModBee.

    I also think the McClatchy Interactive is pursuing discussions with NetInformer through James' Group.

    Hope that helps.