Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Teaching print journalists the digital way

Speaking of shameless promotion, I would like to tell you about a project I’ve recently launched.

I’m writing a book called “Journalism 2.0: How to survive and thrive in the digital age.” J-Lab, the institute for innovation at the University of Maryland, is funding the project. My goal is to produce a how-to manual targeting the many thousands of journalists working today who still have not fundamentally changed the way they approach their craft to adjust to the new world we all live and work in.

So, no, you are not the target audience for this book. What I’m hoping is that you will contribute to the project. Taking a page from Chris “The Long Tail” Anderson’s playbook, I have started a blog as a way to test ideas and invite others smarter than me to weigh in and offer their best insights based on their experience. I hope that it will collect the best practices of some of the dedicated new media professionals who are leading the digital revolution, including you, since I know I’m not the only one trying to spread the faith.

Please visit the blog when you have a few minutes or send me an email if you have thoughts or suggestions. For starters, I'd love to get a copy of the Blog Backgrounder that Will mentioned that's in use at the Strib. Naturally I will be giving appropriate credit to all the information that ends up in the book.

And thanks in advance for your participation.

Mark Briggs

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