Friday, September 08, 2006

Like many of you, we here at The Packet are having occasional issues
involving bloggers at who get in the gutter. Lately, some have even threaten
folks here.

We want our blog to be civil but not boring. We do not want to discourage
people who may be outspoken or even just a little extreme in their postings.
We do not want to be overly active in filtering/editing blog posts because
we know that can have a flip side legally. But we do want to discourage the
wing nuts.

We of course have a blog code of conduct, but the handful of wing nuts
routinely violate it.

As a result, we're trying to decide under what circumstances troublesome
bloggers should be booted and a procedure for doing it. How many chances do
you give them? How many warnings? If you boot them, do you do it permanently
or for good? Who at the newspaper decides? (We're considering a "progressive
discipline" approach.)

I'm sure many of our papers must have a written guidelines addressing all or
some of this. If you do, could you please e-mail them to me at or post them here. They will help us come up with a
protocol of our own.



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  1. Fitz:

    Because of continual bickering among some of the non-staff bloggers, our online staff recently turned off the "comment" function on our blog site.

    It's frustrating.

    We've contacted McClatchy Interactive to search for some technical solutions.