Friday, June 23, 2006

We have a great example of the power of blogs.

Staff. Sgt. Mike Wenrick of Centre County contributed to a Postcards from Iraq blog that was active on for about a year. During that time he posted how angry he and other U.S. troops were with the protests at military funerals by a Kansas group, and questioned why Pennsylvania didn't ban this activity like some other states.

He pounded away at this in his blog and asked readers to share their thoughts. Dozens of them did, and state legislators noticed.

The state House this spring passed a bill limiting protests at funerals, and the state Senate has just unanimously passed it. Gov. Ed Rendell is expected to sign it into law, and legislators as well as readers are crediting Wenrick.

As a blogger myself, I'm pleased to share this blog accomplishment with everyone.

Bob Heisse

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